Soil Health Links

Listing of similar projects and other soil health resources:

  • Land Potential Knowledge System (Land-PKS):  App-based data platform for logging landscape- and field-level attributes contributing to productivity, including soil properties and soil health status.
  • Sustainable Intensification Assessment Framework from the Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab, funded by USAid at Kansas State University.  Features a comprehensive manual of different metrics, including soil and agroecosystem health.
  • Cornell Soil Health Training Manual : Excellent manual of methods and guidance on the importance and meaning of the integrated suite of soil health measures, including many of those adapted for our toolkit. Available for download.
  • USDA-NRCS Soil Health Main page: Comprehensive main page on soil health, U.S.-focused with a wide variety of additional links from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS).
  • Andean Soil Health and Soil Management Page,  Sponsored by a related Forage and Fallows project within the Andean Community of Practice – Andean regional links and spanish-language presentations and resources for soil health learning.
  • Makerere University (Uganda) Soil Testing Services: facebook page of Makerere University test service in Kampala, Uganda who have developed a soil fertility test for farmer and professional use.