Soil quality and ecosystem services underpin smallholder production systems for food forage all over the world. In most smallholder contexts, land size per household has shrunk and farming intensity has increased in recent decades, thus raising concerns about the capacity of soil to keep pace with decreased fallow lengths and increased tillage frequency.

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Posters with tool kit overview, project activities and recent progress:

English poster (from the McKnight CCRP East Africa Community of Practice Meeting, May 2018)

Spanish poster (from the McKnight CCRP Andean Community of Practice Meeting, July 2018)

We work with various organisations in Eastern , Western and Southern Africa Communities of Practice (CoPs) as well as the the Andean Region CoP funded by The McKnight foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program or CCRP http://ccrp.org/

Using the Soil Tool Kit to analyze for oxidizable carbon in Western, Kenya.